In October, we have continued our hard schedule as usual. I'm sorry that
this homepage, which is updated at the beginning of the month, has not been available for a long time due to business trips . I try to keep the information as fresh as possible on my blog, so please check it out.


This is the third time that Kirigaoka Arts Academy has held an exhibition of its works.
Usually it is held jointly with the race class, but the race team was closed this time to hold a lace exhibition in conjunction with next year's World Race Congress, and
about 60 knit items were on display. The weather was disappointing as it rained on the first and second days, but despite the inconvenient location,
many people came to visit.
On the 4th, we cleaned up and toasted with champagne. We are preparing again for next year.

Hokkaido, which was caught in the middle of a typhoon, managed to clear the area, but the accidents overlapped.
There was an exhibition of works by artists at the 25th Handmade Festival, and my work was clearly listed in the pamphlet
, but I had not received any communication, so naturally I had not arranged for my work to be at the venue.
There would have been no problem if the published brochure had been delivered in advance, but the simple mistake caused inconvenience to the customer.
The request for the ribbon cutting came three days ago. I want them to quit the Japan Knitting Culture Association and realize that things are different from before.
Please, Vogue!

A little off topic, but the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa officially opened on September 12th.
Although it rained again at the preview the day before, the reception seemed to have taken shape somehow. Although there were many difficulties, I was relieved
when Minako Nishiyama and I placed ``Cinderella's Shoes'' in the center of the pavilion . September 11th is the day of the simultaneous terrorist attacks in the United States. Since that day, it is said that a knitting boom has ignited in America. Just as knitting has healed the hearts of people in America, I hope this exhibit will leave a gentle impression on the hearts of those who view it. I won't be able to go in October, but I will visit you every month from November to March, so please come and see me.


BS Japan's ``Hirose's Hand-Ami Kawaii'' starts on October 4th.
Every Sunday from 10:30 a.m., I will knit the pieces while teaching the students.
I'm very busy recording, but I'll try to make it a fun program.
NHK Oshare Kobo will be held on October 20th, and Solomon Style will be held on November 29th.

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