With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching many are left wondering what to get their significant other. Although the traditional flowers and candies are nice it is typically overdone. What women and men like are gifts that unique, sentimental and affordable in this rough economy. One gift that would be sure to please is a Celtic Tungsten ring or bracelet. A Celtic tungsten ring or bracelet has the three components of being unique, sentimental and affordable. Below are a few popular Celtic symbols that represent love, life and family.

The Popular Claddagh Symbol
The hands that the ring represents holding the heart symbolize friendship while the heart is signifying love. The direction that the person wears the ring is also important. A ring worn on the left hand with the crown pointing away from the heart symbolizes that the person is married or engaged to be married. A Claddagh ring worn on the right hand with the crown tungsten ring for men pointing away from the heart symbolizes a person is interested in starting a relationship. Lastly, a person wearing a Claddagh ring on their right hand with the crown pointing towards the heart symbolizes a person that does not want to start a relationship.

Mo Anam Cara Ring
The Mo Anam Cara phrase symbolizes “My Soul Mate.” This is a very popular phrase that is commonly requested as a special engraving on wedding bands or engagement rings. The Mo Anam Cara symbol may also accompany other symbols such as the popular Claddagh symbol or a cross for added symbolic meaning.

Celtic Knotwork Rings
The Celtic knotwork is found on many Celtic rings and bracelets. The Celtic weaving has many symbolic meanings depending on the knotwork chosen. Celtic knotwork could symbolize love, happiness, life, family and loyalty. Many times the Celtic knotwork would accompany other symbols such as a cross, initials or even the Claddagh symbol.

Cross Rings
Cross Rings signify love and religious beliefs. The cross can stand alone on a tungsten wedding band or accompany other symbols such as the Claddagh symbol or Celtic knotwork. Crosses that stand alone as the focal point of the ring are classically beautiful on their own.

Whichever symbol is chosen it is important to purchase from a reputable retailer that has a secure shopping experience. Looking for symbols such as the Better Business Logo is also important when making a purchase. Lastly, make sure the company has a lifetime warranty or trade in to ensure the purchase is protected for years to come.

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