It is true 3D TVs are more expensive than 2D TVs, but that is because the technology is far more advanced. Having said that, 3D televisions have been out for a few months now and we have seen the prices come down, especially as manufacturers release a bigger range of products to suit different budgets. In tendermeets app this article we take a look at one of the more affordable 3D TVs on the market at this moment in time – the Samsung UE40C7000.

The Samsung UE40C7000 40″ Full HD 3D Ready LED TV set is really a force to behold and has a number of nice features you might not think a TV should have. To use this TV, you will need to have 3D active shutter glasses. If you are shopping for this TV, look carefully at all the available offers, because some retailer will include 3D glasses and some won’t, whilst other will add in extra glasses, so you have enough for the whole family.

This kind of Television set won’t just cater for 3D television. Using the Samsung UE40C7000 you’ll also enjoy far better, richer HD 1080p picture on the large screen, as a result of the LED-backlighting, whilst the frame frequency of 200 Hz keeps pictures razor-sharp, whatever you’re watching. This is something many people often overlook when they talk about 3D TVs. Many people believe or are under the misconception that 3D TVs can only play 3D content. This is simply not true and owners will still be able to view all of the standard content whenever they like.

The Samsung UE40C7000 TV also sports Samsung’s DLNA-powered All Share engineering. The Samsung UE40C7000 3D TV set permits you to go wireless whenever you feel like playing the videos or songs stored anywhere in your home network. TVs have now moved on and they are not just for watching TV. Many people hook up their TV to a PC, so the website experience is even better and so they can take advantage of any available online content, such as BBC iPlayer and such like.

The actual Samsung UE40C7000 40″ Full HD 3D Ready LED TV is packed with all of the things you could expect or want. This is to make certain that a fine detailed 3D High-Definition entertainment encounter may be seen in your home whenever you want. 3D TV is great for all the family and it is an excellent way for you to all gather together and spend more time in each other company. This is a pretty thin TV, in fact it is less than 2.7cm thick so you will not have any problems fitting this in tight spaces.

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