Heaters play a very important role during the freezing temperature of winter. Heaters help you to keep the temperature of your house warm during winter so that you can save yourself from the coldness. Before having a heater for your house or office it is important. To have good idea about the types of heaters, which will help you to have the best possible one, do some research. Basically, you will find two types including:

I. Electrical, and
II. Non Electrical

Electrical Heaters
You will be able to get 100% energy efficiency from the electrical warmers. There different types of electrical warmers, first wood heaters is convection type which also have further two types:

• Natural Convection and
• Forced Convection

The other types of heaters include, Radiant, Oil filled radiant and fan heaters. The convection type is known to heat the entire room where as radiant heaters are known to heat smaller areas. Radiant types heat the pointed object, therefore they are more efficient than convection heaters as by heating restricted area they save the energy. Oil filled radiant warmers are more efficient and reliable and use less energy.

Non Electrical Heaters

As far as non electrical warmers are concerned they are best to use in outdoor. There are different types of non electrical heaters. The very first type is inverter. This type of heater uses paraffin as for add-on heat. These kinds of heaters are easily portable. They are the best to heat the large area. Another type of non electrical heater is natural gas, which is also known as LPG heaters. And the last but not the least wood burning space heaters are also very popular as far as non electrical heaters are concerned. The wood burning space warmers have been used for many centuries and they are still the best system to heat the space.

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