In order to apply for the American Green Card you must have either a work history or educational background and have a Diploma or G.E.D. equivalency. You must have completed one-year of courses in elementary or any secondary school program. If you’ve worked two years in the last five years then you may qualify for the Diversity Lottery.

The United States of Labor uses the O’Net program on the Internet, which is a database to decide if your job history meets the criteria for you to apply for the Lottery.

To apply you must have a photo ID. If you do not have a photo, you can get one online. The pricing is listed at the appropriate web sites where you can also enter to participate. Your digital photo must have been taking after June 3 of 2008. หวยออนไลน์ You can send that photo to the proper authorities online where you will find their e-mail address.

Your must present a square photo with equal width and height. Your photos must be passport like with colors and the shoulders and head must appear in the photo. Your eyes, head, and shoulders must face the camera with both sides of your ears and face visible. Other requirements of photos are listed on the Government web sites.

The United States government claims that nearly 100% of every photo sent to them required corrections. To avoid any problems we recommend that you go online now to find out more about the type of photos the government requires of you to enter for the DV lottery program. You may be disqualified if your photo does not meet certain criteria.

Once you have the correct photo you can enter to win the Lottery. You will not be required an entry fee so if you go to any site that charges you to enter, leave that site and go to official government websites online to enter into the lottery program.

For more information about the DV lottery visit the United States Government Web site now by typing in Green Card Lottery or American Green Card into the search engine.

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